Who Am I?

It’s a long story…but the short of it is that I’m a life coach who loves people, loves connecting, loves life and growth and real transformation!

I am passionate about truth and sharing it with others, who, like me, want to be real, want to be really alive and want to share their brilliance with the world. I grew up in Johannesburg. Studied and worked as an art director in a leading agency. Went backpacking in Europe. Side tracked to Israel. Stayed for 7 years. Got married. Supported my husband in learning working as a designer for 5 of those years. Learned alot alot of Torah from the best of the best. Returned to SA as Rebbetzin Mandi Kauffman. Spent the next 17 years working in outreach, making shidduchim, teaching marriage and child raising courses to women and coaching people in all of the above.

I recently made it back to Israel with my husband and 7 children. It has been a miraculous journey so far.

The journey continues…